Warzone is OPEN

Operation Hades Hammer - Airsoft Special Op at Warzone

Saturday, June 8th

Operation Hades Hammer - a New England Airsoft Events special op will be coming to Warzone.

Cost $30

2026. Military satellites, armed with kinetic kill reentry vehicles, now orbit the earth. They are controlled from and tied to uplinks on the ground. War has become all about taking the uplinks because once a sector is secured, the controlling power can call variable orbital strikes at will in that area. The US and European Union are conducting joint military exercises to practice uplink capture, defense, and retrieval.


Registration/Chrono Start time 9:00am
Shooting For Briefings at 10:00am and will enter the field after that..
End Time 4:00-4:30 depending on Briefings

For more details, visit the facebook page.

Father's Day Special

Spend time with your dad (or kids) with our special discounts for father/daughter or father/son groups: Buy a case end entry ($65) get a second entry free. Rental packages included as needed.

 That plus a cookout - free burgers and dogs for everyone - should make for a great way to spend Father's Day. 

Check out the event details on Facebook


The Warzone classic returns on April 28th

Check out the updated rules and tell everyone you're coming on facebook!

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Field Map
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